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 The Workwear Express Process    Logo's
1. What have you got in mind?
What sort of promotional activity are you planning? What are your objectives for the promotion? Information like this really helps us narrow down the most appropriate and relevent options.
2. Can we check out your logo?
At this stage, a quick look at your logo will let us know if there are any limitations to what we can do. Just what is the best way to reproduce it? We'll advise you well in advance of what's possible.
3. Have you found something that you like?
It's always a good idea to tell us about it - why do you like that particular product? This information helps us customise the product in the most effective way, and even suggest some other ways you could acheive a similar or even improved effect.
4. What's your budget?
Even if its only rough, an idea of your budget per item makes a big difference to just what products we'd recommend. There are literally thousands of products to choose from, so knowing how much you want to spend in advance will really save you time.
5. What kind of numbers are we talking?
With a large enough quantity, you might be able to save some money by having it produced offshore. An idea of scale also helps us give you an estimate of production times.
6. How would you like the product packaged?
You know what they say - presentation is everything. And we can give you plenty of great ideas to improve the initial impact of your choice.
7. How are you intending to distrubute the product?
Do you need to send the products anywhere, or will you hand them out internally? With an international distribution network, we can help.
8. How much time have we got?
Your time frame dramatically affects our operation. For instance, it will indicate if the product can be produced offshore or locally.
9. Who is the product for?
The target audience will of course determine the suitability of different products.
10. Are there any size contraints?
Does the product need to fit into an envelope, perhaps? Or is it for a trade show where you dont have much storage space? Or can we do something on a grand scale? The choice is yours.
Sending us Artwork is simple
The best way to supply artwork is with an .eps file with text converted to curves and unlocked. But please be sure to attach a .jpg or .pdf file as well - its a safeguard that ensures you're sending exactly what you intended as many of our customers cant open artwork files. 
There's more than one way to attach a logo
"Decoration" Is the way we refer to the various methods of applying a logo to a product. There are indeed several options, but you can count on our experience to point you in the right direction.
Take a look at some of the examples below:
Embossing: We usually use this method on leather products. It provides an indentation on the product.
Sceen Printing: This process is most appropriate for bags, clothing, compendiums, mugs and so forth.
Pad Printing: This is exactly what it sounds like - we use a pad to imprint logos on smaller items like pens.
Laser Engraving: Mainly used on metal, however wood, leather and glass items can be engraved as well.
Embroidery: It's the most appropriate for clothing, but embroidery can als be used on any product that can fit into an embroidery frame such as sports bags, caps and cooler bags.
Embroidery is our speciality as we have 4 in house embroidery machines with experienced machinists handling our embroidery needs every day.
Of course there are many more methods available, but these are the most common. We can of course advise you on the best method for your brand and the products you have selected.